Atlantis, The Flashy Silk Road Alternative, Shuts Down

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Atlantis, The Flashy Silk Road Alternative, Shuts Down

By JOHN BIGGS | Sept 21, 2013


Atlantis was supposed to be a “better” alternative to the popular, but hidden, Silk Road market. In short, it allowed the average user to buy and sell drugs, contraband, and whatever else using an encrypted web session andBitcoin. Now it’s sunk.

The site launched in June to much fanfare, including write-ups from most major websites. Hidden behind the now partially compromised Tor network, the site promised quick, anonymous transactions using Bitcoin and Litecoin. Online users complained that the service was little more than a watered-down Silk Road and a honeypot for authorities to catch drug dealers.

Now the site has been shut down and will stop business entirely in one week, at which time all crypto currency in the system will be taken by the site admins and donated to a drug-related charity.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 6.34.00 PM

Given that the group had a Facebook page and a now-missing YouTube commercial, it’s little wonder that those with the wherewithal to crack their site gave it a bit more attention. They also offer discounts to Silk Road users and made a large PR push, further pushing their concept into the limelight.

Source: Tech Crunch

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